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David Freeman

na.jpg - 11274 Bytes Stop In The Name Of Love
7" 1983 VIP Records ? NL Stop In The Name of Love
Produced by Neil O'Connor (The Flys)

na.jpg - 11274 Bytes Balance
LP 1991 ? ? UK ??
Originally released as Freeman/Creese. 3000 copies.
CASS 1991 ? ? UK ??
Originally released as Freeman/Creese. 3000 copies.
CD 1991 ? ? UK ??
Originally released as Freeman/Creese. 3000 copies.
lilpaa.jpg - 15727 Bytes Painting As Autobiography (A Love Story)
CD 1996 Discrete CRETECD001 UK John
A Set Of Wings
A Note From Serifos
Isn't Life Great
Getting Back To The Real World
From The Moon The Earth Is Up
Lovey Dovey
E. Summer 91

lilbalance_cover.jpg - 12221 Bytes Balance
CD 1996 Discrete CRETECD002 UK Namaste
Going To See Themba
I Want You To Know
Here 'Tis
It Will be Tomorrow Soon Enough
Come Home
The Gospel of Thomas
Martin's Dream
On The Edge of August
Union of Souls
Song For Lucy
The Lighthouse Keeper
Camilla (Reprise)
lilgowm.jpg - 16528 Bytes Going Out Without Makeup
CD 1996 Discrete CRETECD003 UK Couldn't Hide The Smile
Inside Paradise
If I Leave My Dreams
In Silent Witness
Part Time Father
Rococo Rain
In Charlotte's Room
A Principle of True Love's Maturity
Never Been To Burbank

Originally released The Lover speaks in edition of 200 cassette.
liluattlu.jpg - 11927 Bytes Under A Tall Tree Looking Up
CD 1996 Discrete CRETECD004 UK Adventure in Freedom
A Box of Love
Love Come Take Us Over
Fear Trust Faith Knowing
Don't Wanna Lose It Now
Why Do The Innocent?
A Sparkle That Wasn't Really
Not Afraid To Question
In The Wisdom of Children
Rest Easy Little One I'm Already With You
Come Away
lila&t.jpg - 13955 Bytes Apart & Together
CD 1996 Discrete CRETECD005 UK A Story That Begins From Nothing
If Tina Turner Can Make It So Can I
In This New Life
Natural Resistance
Little Prayer
The Two of Us
No More "I Love You's"
Elizabeth's Garden
Wild Flower
It Was That Good
When You Get To Rome
Not Worthy
lilmelo.jpg - 10369 Bytes Melodrama
CD 1996 Discrete CRETECD006 UK DISC ONE
Nothing To Be Ashamed Of
The World Through Your Eyes
When A Child Is Hungry
   (Two Fingers Poking At The World)
Time Won't Change Anything
The Harbour
Freedom Doesn't Come Free
Friends Again
Picasso Blue
Sentiment is Cruel
The Fear Of Loving You
I'd Be A Fool
One Good Day

Unfaithful (Knocking on Lennon's Door)
Why Don't We Let Love Come?
Dare To Love You Still
John Get Your Guitar & Play
Can I Tell You Everything?
A Warm Feeling
If I Could Fly
With No Dark Feelings Inside
Muswell Hill
A House of Summers Gone
In The Wisdom of Children
Loving You Keeps Me Together

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