Things I have learned about myself

morrissey-freeLast night as I was tearing through a bunch of music, I panicked because I could find one of my Alice Faye albums. This means few things:

  • The album is at least 15 years old and lost in the abyss that is my music space – it’s here, I think, but, it feels like losing a child.
  • At the end of the day, I could probably re-buy the album or (shockingly) a new one!
  • Even though most of her material was recorded before I was born, she is still one of my favorite vocalists.

More shocking for me is discovering that even though the Interweb is a big giant place – there are still some albums that I have to enter their data because they are not (apparently) listed in the database that Microsoft uses to pull from when you rip a CD.

Listening to Judy Garland Live at Carnegie Hall makes me want to drink a bunch of red wine and cry. A lot.

This isn’t the album I am looking for….but, come to think of it – I am missing that one, too. Hmm. I think that means I have to do a major cleaning in the music archives again.

Alice Faye Rarities, Vol. 1 (Remastered)

P.S. Even though I try to make my space as “Morrissey-free” as possible, I found three more CDs last night. I gave about 12 away to a friend a couple of years ago – giving him an instant Morrissey collection. That’s not including The Smiths albums. I have a lot of cleaning to do.