My amazing yoga transformation

When I first was diagnosed with cancer, I felt that once again, the universe was giving me a smack upside the head. Having become a caretaker for my ill husband, a widow and then a cancer ‘survivor’ in less than four years (and before I turned 40!) has taken a major toll on my physical and emotional well being. What I didn’t realize with my cancer diagnosis that beautiful things would also come my way. Yoga Bear being one of those things.

Back in May of this year, a local yoga center became a participating sponsor for YB. I had signed up some time ago to YB and had kind of forgotten about it, so when I received an email from Halle offering me the opportunity to take 12 classes at this studio at no charge, I was simply stunned. Naturally I wasn’t going to pass up such a wonderful offer. The center is called The Yoga Center of Minneapolis and Jennifer Gray is the owner. She offers a ‘personal’ yogi consultation to assess your goals and your experience to help place you in a yoga class that would be appropriate. I hadn’t done much yoga – mostly vinyasa so we looked over the schedule of what they offered and then she mentioned to me that in the next couple of weeks they were going to offer a yoga transformation workshop . The workshop was four weeks long, three nights a week and featured yoga practice designed to help detox the body along with informational seminars on Aurvedya, nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, energy work and manifesting your goals. It sounded like a perfect fit for me.

The first class began in mid- June and I just completed the last session this week. The month was nothing short of amazing. It opened up my world to new experiences and sense of well-being that I have not experienced in years. Prior to the month-long session I did a biofeedback session. I’m not going to lie, I was a mess. Everything was off. My adrenal glands were showing severe dysfunction  my liver was not working well, my oxygenation levels were a mess and my fat and vitamin absorption were terrible. So, in addition to the month long workshop, I also did some other wellness services to complement my sessions. I did Thai massage, acupuncture  did a liver/gallbladder flush and followed the Budwig diet along with my primarily raw vegetarian diet.

Within a couple of weeks I noticed some significant shifts happening for me….not only physically, but internally. I felt I had more energy, my weird acne cleared up, my sense of taste and general ‘awareness’ seemed to come back like a fog lifting out of the harbor. It was like unlocking doors that had been welded shut. One of the most important things we worked on in our meditations was getting rid of things that didn’t serve us like negative thoughts and judgment about ourselves. I found this to be one of the most affecting portions of our workshop. I didn’t realize how much anger, hurt, sadness and fear I had been bottling up inside of me. What I thought was helping me to ‘move through’ all the sorrow I have experienced in the past was only forcing me to shove it down inside of me and trying to make the pain go away. It was simply amazing and nothing short of profound. Am I better? I wouldn’t say that so much as at least I am aware of the things that don’t serve me and now I can take those things and put them aside when I need time to really focus on myself.

Yesterday I had a follow up biofeedback session post ‘transformation yoga’ workshop. I had some dramatic shifts, the most wonderful being my liver function since I potentially have new mets. My adrenals are still not right and my oxygenation could be better, but my absorption of fats and vitamins all went to completely normal level.

I feel so honored and blessed to have been able to have found Yoga Bear and to include Jennifer and The Yoga Center of Minneapolis to help me continue my journey to health.

Om Shanti Namaste,

Dawn Marie