More things to complain about my health insurance

I have to use an injectable medication called octreotide acetate. This helps some of the symptoms from my cancer like flushing, but, also, helps keep my tumors less biologically active. Even though I get a long-acting form of this shot every four weeks, I also have to use subcutaneous multiple times a day since everything has become so active. Doctor nicely orders octreotide for me and syringes. Having had one or a bajillion shots over the last eight years, I know what size gauge needle I prefer for the subcutaneous shot. Either a 30 or 31 gauge. It’s a much finer needle and easier to pierce the surface of your skin. It also tends to leave smaller marks and less painful bruises. It’s difficult enough having cancer, but, then having your arms and legs and abdomen covered with bruises totally sucks. Nothing like having that reminder ALL the time.

Ho Ho Ho

Insurance won’t “cover” that size. They want me to use a 27 gauge, which feels like a dull rollerball pen. It hurts. It leaves massive bruises. I don’t really want to cram that into my abdomen, arms or thighs four times a day. In my state, I can go to a pharmacy and purchase syringes over the counter without a prescription, but, only a pack of ten at a time. This means I would be at the drug store every two and a half days. No way.

Insurance…out of touch with everything. They don’t give a shit. They don’t have to use them so suck it up, buttercup – use what they pay for.

If syringes are outlawed, only outlaws will have syringes.

Have you heard this song? I love it. It’s from an artist who wrote to me last year.