I have to leave this somewhere…

This morning I am feeling particularly angst-ridden after listening to some really shitty (and actually some really awesome) music that bands sent me this week. I can’t post this to Facebook because 3/4 of my friends would likely be offended. I can’t post it to Twitter because that’s like 99.8% of everyone I know there. But, sometimes these things need to be said.

Articles I really want to write:
  1. REM is not post punk and neither is your crappy jangle rock band.
  2. Why your soaring guitar leads calls you out as the Poison fan you really are.
  3. I know you listened to hair metal in high school. Now you are in a new wave band. What?
  4. Why daddy hip-hop makes me want to wretch.
  5. Your ironic 70’s cover band is boring and so are you. Hipster dufas.
  6. Sorry if my eyes are rolling in the back of my head as you bitch about new bands not being as good as ones from 30 years ago.
  7. No Minneapolis, it’s time to get new music heroes.

These apply to a number of bands and people that I hold with high esteem. But, damn, it felt good to get that out. Catharsis is a beautiful thing.