Holy hell I hate technology

2016-01-01 11.42.43So, last week in the torrent of streaming radio mayhem, my mobile decided to tank. My display started acting crazy and so I called insurance, had a new phone shipped to me and then started dumping stuff and backing things up. I got my new phone on the 30th and figured I would deal with it over the long weekend – not anticipating the shit storm that awaited me with my radio stations.

On New Year’s Eve, I worked until two in the afternoon and came home and started figuring out what I was going to do with my stations. I might have napped somewhere in there, and around 8pm, my sister called. I spent a couple of hours on the phone with her while I dilly dallied with files on my computer. It was about 10:30pm when I realized a strange metallic glow coming from the dog bed in the living room. At some point between 7:30am – 2:30pm my dog decided to use my new mobile AS A CHEW TOY. This was despite the fact that I had given her a great rawhide before I left the house and that she never really chews anything. Not even toys.

Sophie is an AssholeSo, my original Galaxy S5 is having a serious motherboard issue and my new phone has punctures through the screen. Lovely. Just a couple of days earlier I had a post show up on my Timehop app that showed a post I made about said dog four years earlier complaining about how she is such an asshole. She has been a handful for me with some massive aggression issues, but, we’ve learned how to tolerate each other. Honestly, I love the dog, but, god damn.

Here’s a kicker – you need to have another phone to activate your mobile. This is a problem. Got rid of my landline years ago and no one was around tonight for me to use their mobile. So, I’m trying to rely on my Mom, who can barely send an email, to help me out. Then my Sister is trying to help, but, she keeps texting me and I have to have my phone turned off before the activation. Good grief. That’s like three hours that I am never getting back. I ended up having to hop on to a chat session with Verizon to get it squared away. So, my “positive” jar entry for today is, “Had awesome customer service from Verizon rep.” Wow. I just typed that and I meant it.

Tonight I think I have finally come up with a solution for Strawberry Tongue and Bombshells. I still have a shit ton of work to do, but, I feel like I am finally making some progress. There will be more details later this week. Plus, if I get my shit together, I may even have my redesign of Bombshells completed. That’s only ten years in the making.