What is this rambling mess you might ask? Basically it’s the inner workings of my mind, frequently not edited, except to sometimes change names to protect “the innocent.” Short quips. Long rants. Incomprehensible trains of thought. Obsessive/compulsive music listening habits. Cooking food. Making cocktails. Swearing. I love swearing. Take it. Leave it. It is what it is. I make no apologies.

When I finally got fed up with 15 levels of random social networks, I went back to my blog that I started in 2001 and writings from random notebooks. I’ve lost some posts, photos and comments, but, I am sick of all my writing sitting at a graveyard of a social network I no longer use. It’s all here…the good, the bad and the ugly….it’s fragmented. It’s about a life that has been lived. At times in joy, at times in despair. But always with clarity and usually with a great soundtrack.